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At RSF Bathrooms, we truly believe that the principles we adhere to make your decision for you.

Here is how we are different from others in the industry.

Knowledge – Industry Experts!

All of our staff are trained, and have backgrounds in the bathroom industry. Whether this is through working in our Showroom, or making the transition from a plumbing background, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge on hand to be able to support you with the products you’re interested in.

We understand that choosing the right configuration of any bathroom product, along with measurements, can be a daunting process. With hundreds of variations in sizes, styles & types, it’s easy to become confused and seek advice. This is where we step in. With multiple technical plumbing experts at the other end of a phone line or email, we encourage you to give us a call at any time. We’re happy to help!

Trust – Promise to the Customer!

Purchasing online, whilst becoming increasingly popular and safer than ever, can still bring some doubts.

What if my product is damaged, or parts are missing? How can I be sure that the company will truly deliver their promise? Will I be treated just as how I would be in a physical showroom or store? – These are all valid questions that need answering. So let’s start!

  • All of the products we offer are individually opened and inspected thoroughly for any signs of damage, wear, defects or missing parts.
  • All of our products come with a manufacturers guarantee ranging from 2-15 years.
    You are also protected by the DSR (Distance Selling Regulations).
  • With experience in operating a middle-upper class showroom, you can rest assured we know the type of service you expect when purchasing a bathroom product.
  • We go the extra mile for our customers and always put them first.

Value – Value for money!

We individually select our products, from all of our catalogues, ensuring you that whatever price range you’re looking for,
you can be assured that its value has been through our selection process.

Aside from this, we also consistently scout around to make sure our prices are simply put, the best available.

We do offer to price match any legitimate offer found elsewhere online, so should you have a quote that somehow beats ours,
please either call or email us, and we’ll match it.

Experience – with a Showroom to back! Mua Backlink

Unlike many others online, RSF Bathrooms is a company with not only an online store, but also a physical showroom.
We’re also expanding to a new location in the near future, as well as undergoing a current extension on our original, located in the beautiful Emerson Park, Hornchurch. If you’re within the Greater London & Essex area, we encourage you to take a look, with over 25 bays and a large collection of radiators, taps & showers on display!

Visit www.RSFBathroomdesigns.co.uk for more information.

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