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ProTouch™ IQ Hub – System Gateway

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The ProTouch iQ Hub is a gateway providing remote control for all iQ stats in your home.

The free iQ App lets you efficiently control your home heating and hot water even if you’re at the beach, climbing mountains, snow boarding or simply relaxing in your garden, perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Homekit Support

The ProWarm™ ProTouch Hub offers HomeKit support for all connected IQ Devices.

Cloud Server Connection

As the ProWarm™ ProTouch Hub connects via the Cloud, there isn’t any technical setup.

Mesh Networking

The ProWarm™ ProTouch Hub handles all of the network traffic, automatically routing data the best way from IQ to IQ. Mesh Networking helps to ensure you have great coverage throughout your home.

Remote Updates

Our auto updates will ensure your IQ hub and connected devices are always running the latest firmware, this means you can benefit from the latest software enhancements.

The ProTouch IQ Hub connects to your home router by an ethernet cable, so one free port is required. The hub is very much plug and play and pairing ProTouch IQ thermostats to the hub couldn’t be easier. After you have paired all of your IQ devices (up to 32 are supported) you will have In-Home and Remote access of your heating, hot water and appliances.

To ensure your ProTouch IQ Hub is always up to date, it will automatically download and install updates so you will always benefit from the very latest software enhancements.

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Digital Thermostat

The Pro Digital features a blue back light operation and can switch up to 3600 watts, this thermostat has the ability to be switched from either floor sensor, air sensor or a combination of both floor and air sensors internally, this unit is available in a White finish.

Technical Info
  • Stylish and slimline design
  • Blue back light illumination
  • Switches up-to 16 amps (3500 watts) 230v AC
  • Can be either an air only / floor only / Air & Floor 7 day programmable (each day can be set different)
  • 4 set points per day (2 comfort – 2 economy)
  • Manual override and vacation mode
  • 3 meter remote floor probe included
Dimensions 87mm x 87mm x 13mm
Mounting Flush mounted 35mm deep galvanised box (single socket)
Load 3500w – 230v – 50Hz

Digital Remote Thermostat

The Pro Digital remote thermostat is the same as the Pro Digital with the added function of a remote control. It features a Blue back light operation and can switch up to 3600watts (3.6kw around 15 – 16amps depending on voltage supply). This thermostat has the ability to be switched from either floor sensor, air sensor or a combination of both floor and air sensors. This unit is available in white and silver.

Dimensions 87mm x 87mm x 13mm
Mounting Flush mounted 35mm deep galvanised box (single socket)
Load 3500w – 230v – 50Hz

Digital Touchscreen

The ProTouch™ – Our 230v Touchscreen, programmable room thermostat for electric floor heating. This really is one of the best looking and advanced thermostats available on the market today. All ProWarm™ thermostats come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Technical Info
  • Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote Floor Probe
  • Automatic blue back-light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
  • Flush mounting
  • °C / °F Selectable
  • Key Locking Facility
  • Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting
  • Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
Dimensions 125mm x 95mm x 17mm

ProTouch™ iQ

The ProTouch iQ in a wide range of colours is certainly the most sophisticated and stylish control system around. Control directly from the Thermostat itself with its advanced Soft Touch keys or Upgrade to a Smart-Phone controlled system and control your heating from a tablet or smartphone even when you’re out and about, so there’s no need to engage with time-clocks or thermostats any more.

Technical Info
  • Stunning design incorporating soft touch keys
  • Programmable, 5/2 Day, 7 Day & 24 Hour programming modes
  • Air, Air & Floor & Floor only sensing modes
  • 3 meter floor sensor
  • 5 minute program intervals
  • Self learning optimum start
  • 4 comfort level/ Times per day
  • Holiday facility
  • Automatic blue back light (turns off after 30 secs)
  • Flush mounting
  • C/F selectable
  • Key Code facility
  • Frost protection

ProTouch™ iQ Hub

The ProTouch™ iQ Hub is a gateway providing remote control for multiple iQ stats in your home.

The free iQ-App lets you efficiently control your home heating and hot water even if you’re at the beach, climbing mountains, snow boarding or simply relaxing in your garden, perfect for the modern lifestyle.

3iE™ Energy Monitor Thermostat

The 3iE™ is the world’s first fully interactive, touch technology, energy monitor thermostat. The 3iE now comes with a thinner and more resilient floor sensor for easy installation. Featuring advanced energy monitoring, the ProWarm™ 3iE™ allows you to view actual graphs of your recorded energy consumption against costs. That means you know exactly what your underfloor heating running costs are.

The ProWarm™ 3iE™ is also the first programmable underfloor heating thermostat to come with Active Energy Management™, which can save you up to 10% on your energy bills by actively prompting you to test lower energy consumption levels. Available in the following colours: Piano Black, Classic Cream, Silver Gray, Leaf Green, Deep Pink, Madison Blue and Warm Berry.

Technical Info
  • innovative
    • First touch-thermostat with a 2″ full-colour screen
    • First underfloor heating thermostat with Active Energy Management™
    • Easy-to-use user interface – no instructions required
  • interactive
    • Graphical display of your programme makes adjustment quick and easy
    • Choose the display type that suits you best; wide choice of screen themes
  • intelligent
    • Automatically adjusts to changing conditions in your room, your home and even the seasons, to give optimal start-up times – no wasted energy (self-learning Proportional Adaptive Function)
  • energy-efficient
    • Exclusive – Active Energy Management™ can save you up to 10% or more on your energy bill
    • Real-time graphical display shows you exactly how much energy you are using and when
Supply voltage 220-240V, 50Hz
Load 16A
Floor probe length 3m
Sensors floor / air / external
Battery back up 60 minutes
Dimensions (H/W/D) 90 x 110 x 30 mm
Screen Dimensions 35 x 50 mm
IP rating IP20/IP32* (*with optional gasket)
Approvals ASTA BEAB
Warranty 3-Year, Extended Lifetime Warranty available


The underfloor heating units must be controlled with an approved thermostat and its control instructions.

The underfloor system should not be turned on until the floor is completely dry and any screed/adhesive has fully cured. Once cured, the system should be turned on gradually over a 48 hour period.

Flat bottomed furniture MUST NOT BE placed over areas where the heating mat/cable is installed as this can restrict airflow to the floor, causing thermal blocking, and in extreme cases may lead to the cable overheating causing a possible fire hazard. This also includes rugs, bean bags, or any item which has a tog value greater than 2.5.

The heated floor area should not be drilled or nailed as this could damage the heating elements.






WARNING: Shock & Fire Hazard


If the Underfloor Heating System is damaged or not installed properly, fire or shock could occur resulting in serious personal injuries or damage to property. You must carefully follow the warnings and instructions contained in our instruction manuals & videos.

  • The thermostat must be used.
  • It is important that this equipment is installed only by a qualified electricians who are familiar with the proper sizing, installation, construction and operation of floor warming systems and the hazards involved. The installation must comply with all national and local electrical codes. If you are unfamiliar with these requirements, contact an electrician.
  • Our systems are designed for under floor heating purposes only. Be sure that the floor is not penetrated by nails, screws, or similar devices that can cause damage on first installation or during subsequent floor repairs in the future.
  • If the Underfloor Heating System is damaged, it must be replaced. Do not attempt to splice or repair any part of the system.

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